About the Dive

Join Will and Chris on a deep dive to the Butler Bay Wrecks off the coast of St. Croix between 65′-120′. This is not a dive for first-timers, and it is not recommended if you haven’t dove within the last year, unless you are able to do a short refresher course the day before. Open Water Dive Certification is required for this dive. Unfortunately it cannot be snorkeled.

If you’ve never dove before, and want to dive, you can get certified at a local dive shop prior to the wedding. We recommend PADI Certification, which will take you a couple weekends to complete.

If you don’t have time for certification, but still want a taste of scuba diving, we are hosting a Discovery Scuba Diving Adventure at Sweet Bottom Dive Shop after the wedding on 6/25/18, where you can actually learn and dive up to 40′ with a Certified Instructor and Dive Master all in the same day. You may also be able to take a Discover Scuba Diving class on 6/22/18 at the Cane Bay Dive Shop while everyone is at the Beach. Chris and I will be diving that day as well.


The cost to dive will be dependent upon the number of people we get to RSVP, and the dive boat we secure. Depending upon if you need full rental gear or not, cost could range from $50-$125 per person for two back to back dives.

Watch this Video of Will and Chris dive the Butler Bay Wrecks